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Current Business Role
Owner/Director, Wave International Ltd

Other Current British Marine roles

Member, British Marine Midlands association committee

Relevant Work Experience
Paul originally trained as a boatbuilder, after which, he left the marine industry to go on to become a manager for a major oilfield service company. He set up a new oilfield technology company which was awarded several R&D grants with industry partners such as BP, Amoco and Shell. A notable success of these projects was the development of the Wavestream oil removal filtration media which saw the birth of Wave International in 1999 and his return to the marine industry.

In 2009 Paul’s entrepreneurial skills and passion for the marine industry saw him start up a filter manufacturing company based in the North East, designing and manufacturing all the Wave International products. Currently Paul manages Wave International’s global marine distribution network while improving and adding to a growing portfolio of new and innovative products.