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Marine Apprenticeships

Thinking about what to do with your life or career path

Do you want to develop your knowledge and skills and gain experience, so that you can get an interesting job with good prospects?

Whether you are preparing to leave school or looking to change careers, the marine industry offers a range of apprenticeship opportunities.

Apprentices spend time in the classroom as well as out in the field, getting first-hand experience in a range of work activity areas. 

As an apprentice you will be assigned a coach/mentor who will guide you through the apprenticeship, which will last anything from one to five years, depending on the apprenticeship being undertaken. You will take home a salary - as you will be earning whilst learning and gaining qualifications and occupational experience at the same time.

You may want to find out more about marine apprenticeships or have some questions that you want answered. For example:

  • What marine apprenticeships are there? 
  • Are there specific entry requirements for the different apprenticeships?
  • How much will I get paid?
  • How do I apply for an apprenticeship?

To get answers to these and more, see the Apprenticeship Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

If you are an employer wanting to find out more about apprenticeships and/or the different apprenticeship reforms taking place, then click here.