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>Interview tips

Think of interviews as a two-way process: you are interviewing the company as much as it is interviewing you. A good interview isn’t just about answering questions, it’s about discovering whether you’re right for a company and whether it’s right for you.

Interviews are normally based on your application form, so you’ll be asked to elaborate on your skills and experience to date. Make sure you’ve prepared some answers: for example, times you’ve demonstrated particular behaviours, describing your role in that particular situation and explaining how you influenced the end result.

Practice describing yourself in a confident, assertive way. This isn’t something we tend to do, and you may find it a bit uncomfortable. But you have to be able to ‘sell’ yourself, focusing on your strengths and your suitability for the role.

And remember: employers love it when you know why you want the job you applied for. So do your research and have plenty of questions.

Most university career departments offer mock interviews so you can get some practice. This will help you prepare answers to standard questions.