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Superyacht UK Social Media Masterclass

Event date: 25/07/2017

Event time: 9:30am to 4:30pm



Social media now plays an increasingly important part in a business’ overall communications mix, as it directly influences sales and engages a brand more closely with its customers – this is true for both B2B and B2C brands. The use of social channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are now an essential part of the overall communications mix for all businesses.

We are pleased to offer a whole day’s comprehensive social media training and support package to British Marine members, giving you the tools to confidently and effectively grow your social media outreach against a planned strategy designed to help you meet your business objectives, showing how to ascertain ROI from investment in social media.

Our team of dedicated social media experts, which includes former secondary school teachers, lead each of our training sessions at a pace that suits the group with a promise of no jargon or marketing buzz words!

The morning session will cover the basics of effective social media management and the afternoon session will go into greater depths, building on the morning’s knowledge and developing more sophisticated approaches to managing social media channels effectively for businesses. Delegates will be required to bring a laptop with them as we find the most effective training is by giving delegates the opportunity to try out what they are learning.

Overview of the courses:

Session 1: Social Media Beginner Workshop - 3 hours

  • General overview and introduction to the business benefits of Social Media.
  • Introduction to the benefits of each specific Social Media platform – we will have a particular focus on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter with brief reference to Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat
  • Case studies and examples of social media use from the marine industry to show real-life examples.
  • Review of each delegate’s current performance on social media (what we love and what could be improved).
  • Creation or discussion around each delegates’ aim for their social media activity in general and also creation of a specific aim for each individual platform.
  • This practical session will include hands-on activities and will be extremely interactive with “how tos” and specific analysis of the difference in content types between each platform and how they should be approached differently in terms of tone and activity.
  • Discussion of what sort of content to share and why this sort of content is effective for a particular platform.
  • The session will conclude with creating both a weekly content plan and a longer term overall social media strategy.

Session 2 - Social Media Advanced Workshop - 3 hours

  • Developing a plan for finding and growing your audience.
  • How to develop truly engaging content for your channels.
  • How and why to use social media video/live streaming functions (e.g. Facebook Live and Twitter’s Periscope).
  • Platform management hints & tips and how to measure the effectiveness of your activity.
  • A closer look at the analytical tools available which allow you to analyse your social media performance and how you can utilise this data for future improvement. For example, how can you use these analytical tools to understand who your audience is, what is the best time of day to post according to your audience profile, which posts are getting the best response rate etc.
  • A detailed overview of how to conduct paid advertising campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Further detailed discussion of the more advanced features of these platforms.Final group discussion and overall strategy session.

The Trainer:

Laura Brown

Laura Brown

Crowned Queen of Social Media, Laura lives and breathes all things Social Media. Laura is one of ADPR’s dedicated social media experts providing management, training and online support to businesses across the UK. Laura uses her expert Social Media knowledge and skills as a former teacher to deliver successful Social Media services across the board.

Contact:  Liv Whetmore - 01784 223631 /


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