NMEA 2000 Installers Course

DAY 1:

Basic NMEA 2000 Installers Course

The Basic NMEA 2000® Installer Training is primarily targeted for the beginner or those who have been installing NMEA 2000® but would like more information, more clarity and an opportunity to share ideas with others who have installed NMEA 2000® networks. Topics include: cables, connectors, specifications, physical planning and documentation, power sources and distribution, voltage drop calculations, data messages (parameter group numbers), connecting to other data sources, network setup and troubleshooting.

You will take from this class the near-term and long-term benefits of NMEA 2000® certified equipment, accepted installation practices for NMEA 2000® backbone cable and products, including selection of cable, power application point, and alternatives that make it work best. You will also have sufficient working knowledge of NMEA 2000® so you can successfully troubleshoot problems when they arise and correctly identify/repair/replace the faulty device(s) or network cabling problems. This course is not intended to teach programming nor to be training for manufacturing developers.

Course Materials Included with Registration: Basic NMEA 2000® course materials and excerpt from 0400 Installation Standards.



A full day of training for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of Actisense products.  The course aims to help users in their decision making when solving common NMEA networking issues and to be more effective in troubleshooting any issues that may be encountered.

On successful completion of the course, attendees will join a growing list of Actisense Accredited Installers that can be recommended to end users.  You will also get priority support and be entitled to a 'no questions asked' returns policy. 

Course Materials Included with Registration: AAI course presentation notes.


Owen Vachell has four years experience working as the Technical Support Engineer for award winning NMEA specialists, Actisense.  He is the only person outside of the America's to hold the Advanced NMEA 2000 Installers certificate and provides customers with pre and post sales technical assistance on a daily basis.  This means he is in an excellent position for understanding the most common customer needs and difficulties in NMEA networking. 

Further information:  Liv Whetmore - 01784 223631 / lwhetmore@britishmarine.co.uk