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Unlike Estate Agents who simply introduce buyers to sellers and then step back from the transaction, Yacht Brokers and boat retailers typically have responsibility for managing the process involved with the sale and purchase of small craft and must ensure not only that the  transaction proceeds to a successful conclusion but also that it does so within the framework of the applicable legislation and regulations.


This course is designed to give brokers and dealers the latest updates on the law concerning the selling of new and second-hand boats. It will provide invaluable information and guidance to help you minimise practical and legal problems when selling boats. Experienced brokers and dealers will be guided through the various British Marine contracts which are available to BM Members and receive an overview of the legislation protecting the rights of consumers as well as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations that relate to the buying and selling of boats.

“I attended the BRB Senior Broker course in October after 30 years in the industry and found it very informative, especially with regards to changes to consumer regulations and the opportunity to review the recently updated British Marine contracts.

I would highly recommend any Senior Sales staff or Managers to attend this one day course."

Dominic Smulders, TBS Boats Bray Ltd

"We often think as Senior Brokers there’s not much we haven’t seen, heard or encountered. Whilst that may indeed be the case for some we shouldn’t ignore the fact our industry and its relevant legislation continues to develop and deepen in complexity.

As the senior end of a busy sales team (two Sales Managers and a Managing Director) with a volume turnover of new and used vessels we found the Senior Brokers course highly beneficial. Delivered by a knowledgeable team, specialising in Maritime Law who guided us through the twists and turns of recent legislative change, the Consumer Rights Act, and the potential spectre of distance sales and offsite contracting.

The day also included a detailed introduction to British Marine’s newly revised contracts, which we now employ over our previous bespoke written documents, along with the opportunity to meet and talk with others in similar positions within the industry.

I’d thoroughly recommend it.

Chris Cooper, Sales Manager, Norfolk Yacht Agency"

"Excellent content covering a variety of very relevant topics which complement the use of British Marine contract templates, although the course was originally pitched for company owners and office managers, all transactional sales staff would really benefit from attending.

Can your business afford for you not to attend this course in this litigious age!

Lee Gibbons, Tingdene Marinas and Boat Sales"


  • Increase your knowledge and awareness of the legal framework and industry standards relating to the sale and purchase of craft
  • Minimise your commercial risk and help to avoid disputes and the rejection of craft by purchasers
  • Provide you with practical, industry-specific advice and guidance on key areas of the sale and purchase process
  • Give you the opportunity to discuss questions and specific examples with other attendees and the Course Leader, who is a Marine Solicitor with many years of  experience in this subject


If you are a broker or boat retailer and you would like good, sound advice from an expert lawyer, to help you to avoid the legal pitfalls when selling boats, this course is for you.


You will learn the relevance and implications of the clauses in the British Marine contracts, when and why they should be used and the possible consequences of failure to follow the recommended procedures. You will also receive a reminder of the relevant protection provided to consumers and advice as to how best to ensure that you comply with the law and reduce the scope for problems when selling boats.


  • A review of the updated BM template contracts, including:  
    • Agreement for the sale of a new boat by a dealer
    • Conditional Sale agreement, used boats
    • Listing agreement for used boats
    • Stock Boat sale agreement
    • Unconditional Sale agreement, used boats
    • General Terms of Business
    • Construction of new boat, fixed price
  • Consumer Rights Act with regards customer rights and rejection of a boat
  • Advice and guidance in FCA regulations

Further information:  Sara Gonzalez - +44 (0) 7923 250650