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Member details - British Marine

A&T Instruments Ltd

Telephone01590 718182
Address235 Bentley Way
SO41 8JW
United Kingdom

We repair and replace B&G displays, sensors and systems and indeed any other marine electronics. We havea range of displays which are aethsetically and technically compatible with B&G H2000 and H3000 displays.

We also make custom electronics and displays.

A&T Instruments Ltd operates in the following activities:

M = manufacturer, D = Distributor, I = Importer, R = Retailer, S = Service
Marine Equipment and Accessories
Electronics Equipment and Accessories
Autopilots and AccessoriesD, S
Computer SystemsS
Depth SoundersM
Electronic CompassesD, S
GPS Receivers and AntennasD, S
Integrated Bridge SystemsM
Radio Receivers and ScannersS
Rudder IndicatorsM, S
Speed InstrumentsM, S
Wind InstrumentsM