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Member details - British Marine

Advanced Systems Group EMEA B.V.

Telephone023 80381660
Fax01794 516453
Address1000 Lakeside North Harbor Ground Floor
United Kingdom
OverviewSuppliers of battery chargers, deep cycle gel batteries and monitoring equipment, pure sine wave inverters and combined chargers/inverters. Whisper range of silenced diesel generators from 3-25kW with full digital control. Shore power converters, power instumentation and control panels; complete systems or individual power solutions with two-year worldwide warranty support.

Advanced Systems Group EMEA B.V. operates in the following activities:

M = manufacturer, D = Distributor, I = Importer, R = Retailer, S = Service
Marine Equipment and Accessories
Electrical Equipment and Accessories
Batteries and AccessoriesD, I
Battery ChargersD, I
Circuit Breakers and FusesD, I
Electrical PanelsD, I
Instruments and GaugesD, I
InvertersD, I
Monitoring Systems and AlarmsD, I
Shore Power Systems and AccessoriesD, I
Machinery Systems and Accessories
AlternatorsD, I
Exhaust Silencers and WaterlocksD, I
GeneratorsD, I