Membership Cost


British Marine


British Marine membership is the best investment we’ve made all year – it’s been invaluable – without it we’d have been a good six months behind where we are now.”

Clay Builder, Managing Director, Nautibuoy


Cost of membership

Subscriptions are calculated as a percentage of your annual turnover within the marine sectors covered by British Marine. This comprises of the leisure (recreational vessels less than 24m), small commercial (vessels up to 24m) and superyacht industries. 


*Any turnover that falls outside the marine industry should not be declared


**Please note the minimum subscription fee is £328 plus VAT.


Membership Renewals

Every two years we will request your annual turnover declaration and this information will be used to calculate the annual subscription for both years. It is important that the right information is provided. 

If you believe that your turnover has either increased or decreased before we request another declaration then simply email and we will amend accordingly. 


To calculate your membership fee, first select your sector, then follow the instructions.