Membership Types

British Marine offers four types of membership. We will inform you of the most appropriate tier once we receive your membership application. 

Full membership

Full membership applies to companies that have been trading within the marine industry for over 12 months. Full members have access to all services and benefits of British Marine. Full members are entitled to use the British Marine and British Marine association logos.

Start Up member

Start Up membership applies to companies that have either incorporated or just begun trading within the marine industry in the last 12 months. Start Up members have access to all benefits and services but are not able to use British Marine and British Marine association logos until they have transferred to Full membership status. 

Membership is open to completely new companies, no matter how early in the process you are. Even if your company is in the research and development stage, we still welcome your application.

After 12 months in membership, you will be eligible to transfer to Full Membership status. 

International member

If you are based outside of the UK, in Europe, you can join as an International member. International membership entitles you to access to all benefits and services. International members do not have use of the British Marine logo and they are not eligible for membership to British Marine Regional and Group Associations, with the exception of British Marine Leisure Boating. British Marine's promotional programme does not include its International members.

Honorary member

Honorary membership is awarded by British Marine to individuals that have excelled in the marine industry. You cannot apply for this membership.