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Secretary:Ms Julie Harrison
Address:Marine House
Telephone: 01784 223633

British Marine Access to Boating Association RGB

Welcome to British Marine Access to Boating

The objects of this brand new British Marine Association are:

To support and grow the businesses of British Marine members whose primary purpose is to deliver boating experiences to consumers through rental, charter, training and holidays. Through the sector’s direct relationship with the boating customer it can provide feedback to British Marine identifying the impact of member activities on participation through insights, data and case studies whilst also testing new product offers that promote access and grow participation. Additionally, the Association looks to identify case studies and opportunities from other leisure sectors evaluating their potential to increase boating participation and testing these through the membership.

The Association’s work also includes:

  • Arkenford Watersports Participation Survey 
    • Track, monitor and identify trends feeding data to the membership that can increase the number of boaters
    • Identify research and data gaps providing these to British Marine with recommendations on how they could be filled and the benefits of doing so
    • Provide sector specific commentary to inform and assist members
  • Seek data and insights (case studies) from members to be shared with the entire membership with the objective of making boating accessible to more people 
    • To spread good practice
    • Develop new consumer product offers
  • Responsibility to maintain and update Charter agreements including: 
    • Bareboat
    • Skippered
    • Flotilla Sailing Holidays
    • Vessel Management
  • Networking events: 
    • Deliver networking opportunities and through these inform members of ways of sustaining and increasing participation through new approaches