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ICOMIA and IMEC in conjunction with LOGOS have released their June quarterly reports covering EU regulations affecting the marine industry and current and upcoming environmental legislation, consultations and trends

07 Jul 2021

Two new quarterly reports from LOGOS (public affairs specialist) are available for British Marine members to download. Details on the reports can be read here.

Southampton boat show 2021, a 2019 shot

Southampton International Boat Show draws international RIB brands to its doors – from outboard to electric

07 Jul 2021

Taking place from 10-19 September, the Southampton International Boat Show is set to welcome all types of exciting and innovative feature-packed Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBS) and the engines and equipment to accompany them.

Man using a ladder to work on a boat or building

Health & Safety: Changes to ladder safety standards

07 Jul 2021

British Standards (BS) EN131 (a European Union Certification), the single British & European product standard covering all types of portable ladders (step, extending and combination) has been substantially revised.

Turtle and plastic in ocean

Join the Plastic Bag Free Pledge at Southampton International Boat Show

01 Jul 2021

As part of its Sustainability Pledge at the Southampton International Boat Show this year, British Marine is requesting that exhibitors do not have or use plastic bags on their stands. This small change for exhibitors will have a big impact and be very visible to show visitors.

(Matt Ovenden, CEO of Borrow A Boat and Co-founder of Helm, Peter Harrison)

[Member News] Borrow A Boat buys specialist charter brokerage, Helm

01 Jul 2021

The acquisition is a key milestone in Borrow A Boat’s growth trajectory, and also strengthens Borrow A Boat’s portfolio of luxury vessels and catamarans on the website, offering customers even more choices of boats within the high-end boating sector.

LS Branding products available on discount for all British Marine members and Southampton Boat Show exhibitors

[Member News] LS Branding offers discount on sustainable marketing products to all British Marine members and Southampton International Boat Show exhibitors

01 Jul 2021

This discount offer comes at a perfect time as many members and boat show exhibitors will be forming their show plans, and following the recent launch of Southampton International Boat Show’s Sustainable Exhibiting Guide.

Ecommerce purchase, online shopping

New EU-wide E-Commerce rules with effect from 1 July 2021

01 Jul 2021

British Marine would like to make members aware that as of 1 July, new value-added tax (VAT) rules will come into effect for distance sales of goods (business to consumer - B2C) and cross-border supplies of services (B2C), replacing the existing cross-border B2C rules.

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Update on staffing matters and COVID-19: Can we ask staff to vaccinate? How do I bring someone back from furlough who doesn’t want to return?

01 Jul 2021

As a return to pre-pandemic business edges closer, there are a number of questions a business may need the answers to regarding staffing in preparation.

Southampton boat show 2021

Leading yacht manufacturers choose Southampton International Boat Show 2021 for world launches

01 Jul 2021

With the creation of the largest man-made marina in Europe as the centrepiece of the show, Southampton International Boat Show is the ideal venue for yacht manufacturers to show their latest models, during the 10 days of the event.

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Department of Business Support - Help to Grow: How SMEs can innovate, grow and drive recovery

24 Jun 2021

OFCOM (Office of Communications) has released Guidance on electromagnetic field (EMF) compliance and enforcement specifically for ship radio licenses following the changing of licence requirements relating to EMF limits.

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