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British Marine Midlands focus is on improving and enhancing the marine industry in the midlands by:

  1. Promotion and raising of the profile of the Marine industry to local Government Bodies/Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEP’s), interested parties and funding streams by supporting its own members.
  2. Signposting Support opportunities to the regions businesses in the current economic climate.
  3. Assisting the regions businesses to improve their sales and profits, incorporating increased networking and development of opportunities.

British Marine Midlands provides a variety of services to businesses including the scheduling and co-ordination of a number of activities and events. These include quarterly meetings for information sharing, training events and networking events to encourage cross sector business.


Specific Annual Strategy Objectives

  1. To source & promote assistance programmes available to members
  2. To increase membership of the region
  3. To continue communication improvements within existing members to ensure they feel the benefit of staying a British Marine member
  4. To encourage members to communicate more with their sector representative members on the Midlands Committee.

British Marine Midlands will focus on the following projects

To create a British Marine Midlands website, including a public facing Capabilities Directory of every member company in the Midlands region

  1. To produce a quarterly newsletter to keep members updated with information on local workshops and events, grants and funding available.
  2. Inland Waterways – seek influence with the new waterways trust and seats on the decision making bodies at all levels.
  3. To continue to develop opportunities with the East Midlands Transport iNET, seeking support for the Marine Industry through the Innovation Network
  4. To continue with the activities/events of the region