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British Marine Scotland

British Marine Scotland, as a regional association, are tasked with the delivery within the region of the overall British Marine National Agenda.  Further, the British Marine Scotland Board have set a number of strategic goals to be delivered locally within Scotland to lead the growth and development of the Scottish Marine industry and to take account of the aims of the devolved Scottish government.  These targets are set in British Marine Scotland Business Plan (most recently updated July 2020).

A large part of British Marine Scotland’s activity is representation to promote the development of the marine industry in Scotland.  British Marine Scotland Board members attend the Recreational Boating and Marine Tourism Cross Party Group and led on the development of Scotland’s first Marine Tourism Strategy, Awakening the Giant (2015-2020).  More recently, British Marine Scotland worked with industry partners in development of the recent update of the strategy – Giant Strides (2020-2025).  British Marine Scotland is now taking forward development of the partnership model to progress the aims and objectives of this new strategy.