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Keeping up to date with the RCD

Published on: 19 June 2018

RCR guide

For any British Marine members building vessels compliant to the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD), below are two updates aimed at ensuring that members have the most up-to-date information available. The first update concerns the latest guidance document from the EU Commission. The second update concerns new harmonised EN ISO standards on "waste water retention" and man-overboard prevention and recovery".

The 2018 Guide to Application of the Directive 2013/53/EU

This Guidance is issued by the EU Commission to support the use of the Recreational Craft Directive.

The EU Commission Guidelines 2018 are prepared to assist Market Surveillance Authorities, Notified Bodies and industry. The document is intended purely as a guidance document – only the text of the Union harmonisation act itself has legal force.

The document can be downloaded from the technical support pages of the British Marine website.

New BS EN ISO standards harmonised

EN ISO 8099-1:2018 “Small craft - Waste systems - Part 1: Waste water retention”

This standard will supersede BS EN ISO 8099:2000 on the 31 August 2018. Until this date both the old and the new standard give the presumption of conformity to the requirements set down in the Directive.It was published for the first time in the Official Journal (2018/C 209/05) of the EU on the 15 June 2018

EN ISO 15085:2003/A1:2009 “Small craft — Man-overboard prevention and recovery”

This standard has been amended to meet the new requirement of Unaided Re-boarding (published as EN ISO 15085:2003/A2:2018). The standard and its amendments became effective on the 15 June 2018.  This standard has now been published for the first time in the same OJ edition as above.

REMINDER: The Directive (2013/53/EU on Recreational Craft and Personal Watercraft) requires manufacturers to use the newest harmonised standard in order to make use of the 'presumption of conformity'. The latest list of harmonised EN ISO standards used under the Directive is available here.

British Marine members can obtain guidance and advice on the RCD by contacting or by calling 01784 223663. British Marine also runs an excellent guidance and advice course on the Directive, which is open to members and non-members alike (British Marine members receive a discount). For more information on this course and the many others run by British Marine, please visit the British Marine website.