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Have your say on BS EN ISO draft standards

Published on: 29 November 2018


The following standards have been released by BSi for public consultation. This is an opportunity for those in the recreational and commercial boatbuilding sector and supply chain to review and feedback into the standards development system. The standards released are:

BS EN ISO 14946 Small craft -- Maximum load capacity
This International Standard lists items to be included in the maximum load of small craft without exceeding the limits set by other ISO standards for stability, freeboard, flotation and man overboard prevention. It further sets requirements for seating and occupancy areas of crew members.
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BS EN ISO 14945 Small craft -- Builder's plate
This International Standard lists items to be included on the Builders plate.
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BS EN ISO 25197 Small craft -- Electrical/electronic control system for steering, shift and throttle
This International Standard establishes the requirements for design, construction and testing of electrical/electronic steering, shift and throttle and dynamic position control systems or combinations thereof on small craft of up to 24 m length of hull. This International Standard excludes electric trolling motors.
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BS EN ISO 10240 Small craft -- Owner's manual
This International Standard specifies all the information that shall be included in the owner's manual of small craft.
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