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Global Launch of New Environmental Rating System at Monaco Yacht Show on British Marine Stand

Published on: 04 October 2018


The Clearwater rating team presenting the certificate to Stewart Wilkinson, Vita’s founder and chairman

Clearwater Rating is a system that offers owners and manufacturers a completely unbiased rating system against which to assess the environmental impact of boats, yachts and superyachts. The launch of Clearwater Rating at the Monaco Yacht Show marks the first time that such an objective standard will be available globally, free of commercial bias.

To celebrate this milestone, Clearwater Rating awarded the new Vita electric-powered classic tender with its Gold Standard at the Monaco Yacht Show. Gold is the pinnacle of seven rating bands which will provide a clearly understood measure of the environmental footprint for vessels, from traditionally constructed and conventionally fuelled yachts, through to hybrids and zero emission vessels.

The Clearwater Rating system has been carefully researched to synchronise with environmental legislation and realistically incorporated best practice. It enables a manufacturer or owner to work though clearly defined steps that examine the impact of a leisure vessel upon air and water quality, energy consumption, noise pollution, seabed, foreshore, wildlife and global resources. 

The heart of the system is the Clearwater Rating Calculator, on which you work through a series of logical questions with help screens. When completed, a rating is issued, representing a simply understood measure of the environmental cleanliness of a boat or superyacht. It’s a similar approach to commonly seen ratings viewed by consumers of electrical domestic equipment, house purchasers and car buyers when making informed decisions about their personal environmental footprint.

The Clearwater Rating system has been researched and created by three highly experienced experts in the field of technical compliance – Alasdair Reay and Maria Garcia-Donaire of HPi Verification Services and Craig Morris of CEproof. It has been launched to fill a recognisable void in available global standards and the scheme will be run on a not-for-profit basis with any excess income donated to the Blue Marine Foundation. The Clearwater Rating team will commence building a board of independent governors for the scheme and will be actively soliciting interest from manufacturers, technical consultants, owners and others around the world to ensure its widest possible use.

Alasdair Reay found a physically demanding way of attending the launch by undertaking the London to Monaco cycle ride in aid of the Blue Marine Foundation. He stated: “For some years, Maria, Craig and I have shared a frustration that no objective benchmarks existed for evaluating and grading the environmental footprint of superyachts and leisure vessels. We’ve now consulted, researched and invested in the Clearwater Rating system and it has been good to see so much early interest from companies and other organisations. We’ve also been very grateful for the support of British Marine and Superyacht UK in providing us with the use of their stand at MYS – as members we’ve felt very well supported by the British Marine team.”

Speaking after the presentation, Stewart Wilkinson, Founder and Chairman of Vita Yachts said: “We are delighted to be associated with the Clearwater programme. The deteriorating health of the marine environment is becoming increasingly apparent with every passing year, and unless our industry takes urgent action to tackle the problems that it has perpetuated, the consequences will be incalculable. Unfortunately, the lack of a universally recognised ratings system has historically made it difficult to encourage and promote environmentally responsible innovation in boat design, so we hope to see the Clearwater certificate is adopted as the industry standard as quickly as possible.”

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