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Now available: marine operator biosecurity toolkits

Published on: 21 February 2019

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The toolkits contain a variety of biosecurity resources to support the marine leisure industry in raising awareness of Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS) and developing biosecurity site management plans.

The Green Blue has created the new toolkits to help tackle the increasing threats to boating activities, biodiversity, ecosystems, public health and economy from unwanted pests and diseases. Biosecurity is a key component of national security and is essential to protecting the economy and environmental assets.

INNS are those that have been transported outside of their natural range and can damage the environment, economy and health, as well as restrict where, when and how we do our boating activities. They can attach on to the outside of vessels, submerged structures and in the spaces within them as well as to equipment and clothing. 

The Green Blue has developed these kits to help you mitigate against these issues with practical steps for your business to implement.

Kate Fortnam, The Green Blue’s Campaign Manager explains: “Marine operators and event organisers are essential partners in helping to protect our marine environment and freedom of access for boaters.” 

The Green Blue, the joint environmental initiative between British Marine and the Royal Yachting Association, has developed a selection of video guides and awareness material to support the INNS Freshwater and Marine Management Toolkits developed by the Animal and Plant Health Agency’s RAPID Project. The project aims to reduce and prevent invasive alien species dispersal. Partners of this project include Natural England and the Bristol Zoological Society.

The toolkits contain a variety of biosecurity resources to support the marine leisure industry in raising awareness of INNS and developing biosecurity site management plans. Resources include:

  • Marine Biosecurity Guidance Documents

These include ‘Examples of INNS’, ‘Best Practice by Sector’ and ‘How to write a Marine Biosecurity Plan’ for large and small marine operators.

  • Marine Biosecurity Presentations

Informative PowerPoint presentations aimed at commercial ports and harbours, event managers, marinas and large yacht clubs, as well as volunteers and mooring associations.

  • Biosecurity Videos

A selection of guidance videos developed by The Green Blue in partnership with RAPID have been created. The first is a video guide on what is involved in ‘Creating a Marina Biosecurity Plan’ to support the marine biosecurity guidance documents.

Other short video guides aim to support boating clubs, centres, associations and businesses in raising awareness of INNS and communicate how their boat users can adopt the Check Clean Dry approach to removing invasive species from specific craft including powerboats, dinghies, windsurfers and Personal Water Craft (PWC) can be found here

For further information and resources to raise awareness of INNS and good practice among staff, members, customers and clients contact Kate Fortnam at or visit