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New sustainable boating awareness resources for marine businesses

Published on: 03 January 2019

Green Blue

The Green Blue, the joint environment initiative of the British Marine and Royal Yachting Association, has a new range of educational materials to help British Marine members continue to raise awareness of environmental good practice amongst their staff, customers and clients. By adopting good practice across the marine leisure industry, we can safeguard the waters we enjoy boating in and depend on for our livelihoods.

Materials available to British Marine members include:

  • Posters: A selection of eye catching sustainable boating top tip posters for different craft, with different inland and coastal versions available. These can be displayed on notice boards, websites and put in marina/harbour handbooks
  • Email Footer and newsletter info-graphics: these sustainable boating top tips on separate info-graphics to communicate good practice to customers. Include oil and fuel use, applying and removing anti-foul and minimising single use plastics
  • Sustainable Boating Guides: These guides provide good practice and practical solutions to help recreational boaters be more sustainable. The three main guides are The Green Guide to Coastal Boating, The Green Guide to Inland Boating and The Green Wildlife Guide

British Marine members can request a free batch of awareness raising resources by contacting The Green Blue at