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Successful start to cross industry innovation for British Marine members

Published on: 25 July 2019

MIA event

On Tuesday 23 July 2019, British Marine members and Motorsport Industry Association (MIA) members met to discuss how the motorsports industry can collaborate with our marine industry to face the new challenge of designing new vessels to have zero emission capability by 2025.


The conference started with an introduction from Chris Aylett, MIA CEO, followed by showcase elevator pitches from MIA members who gave information on their companies and what they can do to help the marine industry to innovate. This was followed by an open discussion forum and a showcase on addressing the issues raised by Lesley Robinson, British Marine CEO, and Ross Wombwell, Head of Technical at British Marine.


The conference is the start of a series of events taking place throughout the year to allow the motorsports and marine industries to work together to overcome the challenge of an emission free future following the UK Government’s publication of the Clean Maritime Plan.


Lesley Robinson, British Marine, CEO commented: “There is real opportunity for British Marine members to achieve business growth and success by collaborating with the motorsports industry which has led the way in energy efficient technologies.


“I encourage any British Marine member to come to the next event taking place at Southampton International Boat Show, powered by Borrow A Boat to take learnings from the motorsports industry.”


Chris Aylett, Motorsports Industries Association CEO, added: “Judged by endless, enthusiastic conversations, the starting point of our plans to increase ‘energy-efficient’ collaboration between our two industries was a great success. An excellent first step in getting to know the capabilities and demands of each other’s businesses and more about the imminent engineering challenge facing members of British Marine.


“The recent ‘Clean Air’ journey and expertise of motorsport engineering was explained and found to be relevant and of genuine value. Now, to maintain progress, MIA’s motorsport engineering members are keen to meet even more marine engineers and designers at Southampton International Boat Show, powered by Borrow A Boat.


John Hornsby, Manufacturing Director of British Marine member Williams Jet Tenders stated: “There are significant challenges facing our industry to design and build craft with propulsion systems using emergent technology. We need to draw from the experience and strength of the automotive sector who are spearheading these new technologies.

“The MIA meeting was an informative forum bringing forward looking companies together to discuss some of the complexities we are all needing to embrace if we are to meet Government targets for net zero emissions in the coming years.”


John Haynes, Managing Director of British Marine member Shock Mitigation commented: “Thanks to the team at British Marine for invitation to meet with British motorsport manufacturers at Thruxton. We should be proud of this groups desire for excellence and sense of urgency. The day showed that the UK leads innovation in motorsport globally - including F1 - and the knowledge gained from chasing chequered flags could transfer into other sectors.”


The next in the series of events is The Industry Exchange, taking place at Southampton International Boat Show, powered by Borrow A Boat on Thursday 19 September 2019, followed by a marine delegation attending the Autosport International Show (9-12 January 2020). Further details will be announced in Latest News in due course.


British Marine members seeking advice on working with MIA members can contact Ross Wombwell on