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Conference latest: Innovation, adaptation and mitigation: solutions in the supply chain

Published on: 14 March 2019


Taking place on 26 March, at British Marine Expo in association with HPi Verification Services, the Supply Chain Conference offers a stellar programme covering some of the prevailing challenges in the sector and providing sound insight and advice from leading industry figures. With hot topics including preparation for Brexit, mitigating risk, innovation, improving efficiency, customer retention, tax incentives for research and development and warranties and guarantees on the agenda, delegates can take home a wealth of learnings and actions to help protect their businesses, as well as driving them forward.

The Conference will be led by key figures from the marine and maritime sectors and the Government. Representatives from KPMG, Verisona, IMSM, GAC Pindar, Innovate UK and PKF Francis Clarke, will be guiding delegates in discussions on how to shape and be part of the future of the UK’s marine supply chain.

Mitigating risk through contracts and credit limits
Over the last 20 years the marine industry has been subject to the economy’s cyclic periods of growth and retraction, with the loss of a number of UK manufacturers having a major impact on the supply chain. Join us at the Supply Chain Conference where Neil Gostelow and Sarah Collins from KPMG will be providing invaluable advice on what to do when things go wrong, how suppliers and OEMs can work together through the use of contracts and credit limits to mitigate risk and how to have continued dialog during these difficult periods.

Who carries the can?
Boats are made of multiple complex systems, manufactured by numerous different companies and squeezed into a shell, but to our customers they are a single product. When something goes wrong who does the customer turn to, the distributor, the manufacturer, or the components supplier? Tim Reynolds of Verisona Law is an expert in the legal intricacies of the Marine Industry and a former boatbuilder. At the Conference, he will be talking about who is responsible when something goes wrong.

Technology & innovation as a catapult
Jenny Powles, Catapult Relationship Manager from Innovate UK, will be presenting an overview of catapult centres; created to transform the UK’s capability for innovation in specific areas and help drive future economic growth. With the UK’s businesses, scientists and engineers working side by side on late-stage research and development, catapult centres are transforming high potential ideas into new products and services to generate economic growth. Whilst each catapult centre specialises in a different area of technology, they all the facilities and invaluable expertise to enable businesses and researchers to collaboratively solve key problems and develop new products and services on a commercial scale.

Agility and adaptation

Headlining the Conference will be Chris Aylett, CEO of the Motorsports Industry Association. Chris will be presenting a compelling keynote speech filled with learnings to be taken from the many parallels between the marine and automotive industries. He will be talking about how the motorsports industry’s SME supply chain is working with and helping the UK automotive industry rapidly innovate, adapt and evolve in a quickly changing sector and how the marine sector can learn from their experiences as we head into challenging waters.

Find further details of the Supply Chain programme here along with booking information. British Marine members can enjoy discounted rates on tickets, subject to availability.

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