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British Marine launches new Strategic Plan

Published on: 15 May 2019

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Following a series of successful roadshows on British Marine’s dynamic new Strategic Plan, Lesley Robinson, CEO of British Marine, reflects on the key objectives of this new vision for the association and the industry it represents:

“We are delighted to update you on the British Marine Strategic Plan, which combines views and actions from members and experienced team at Marine House - and which has been approved by the Board and the Council. This isn’t just a plan to stick on a shelf, this is a strategy that covers the whole organisation and we are now implementing it. It is assertive but evolutionary, moving at an appropriate pace. We intend to take our members with us every step of the way.

“Going forward, members must be front and centre of our work. We will concentrate on the areas of British Marine that have the most impact for members, ensuring there is quality in everything we do and provide for them. This will create a better service for them and will also raise the overall standards of the industry.

“The vision that sits across our strategy is a thriving industry delivering amazing on-water experiences for everyone. It recognises that our industry will not thrive without a new generation of customers. We must link growing the marine industry’s consumer base to our member services and products going forward, such as by stimulating innovation based on consumer and demographic trends.

“One of the key pillars to our new strategy is the ‘National Agenda’, which identifies five areas that members have said they want us to focus on. We will announce the first actions on these areas by the Autumn.

  • Skills and People
  • Representation
  • Environment (sustainability)
  • Participation (through experiences, smart marketing and sales)
  • Innovation and Technology

“Another substantial area tackled in the strategy is membership fees, services and benefits. Members raised issues over value for money, the quality of communications and accessibility of information. Several new initiatives will be in place no later than 1 July 2019 for existing members, including:

  • An updated website
  • Improved industry and membership marketing and communications
  • A digital forum for members

“Current members will receive immediately enhanced value this year with no change to their current membership packages. To manage the complex membership tariff, benefit price-point and lengthy enrolment process, a pilot scheme will test concepts in the year ahead. From the beginning of July, new members will be recruited through a much more efficient digital sign-up process with self-certification. We’ll also be trialling a new tiered system with banded access and usage packages for services, resources and associations that are tailored to the size of the business and its membership fee. Assuming the trial works, we’ll adapt any lessons from it and introduce this new structure for our existing members in July 2020.

“You’ll begin to see the changes outlined in the strategy through the Summer and another manifestation of the improvements we are making will be very visible at Southampton International Boat Show, powered by Borrow A Boat. The theme for this year’s Show will be focused on getting new people into boating by promoting accessibility, flexibility and affordability. The new title sponsor ‘Borrow A Boat’ is the perfect partner to promote our Show theme at a time when we are focused the new ways that people are wanting to experience boating.”

To find out more about the British Marine Strategic Plan, join the team for a webinar on Thursday 13 June 2019 between 13:30-14:30. Register here.