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ICOMIA releases updated Brexit guidance

Published on: 02 May 2019

CE and Wheel Mark

Following the agreed extension delaying the UK's exit from the EU, ICOMIA releases updated guidance on Brexit for manufacturers of products that require EU certification.

This edition follows the news that the EU and UK have agreed a further delay to Brexit until 3 October 2019. The UK will most likely now take part in the European elections starting on the 23 May 2019 - if it does not, they may be forced to leave the EU on 1 June 2019 without a deal. A no-deal Brexit is still considered as the default outcome. Given this, all economic operators needing to place products on the EU market are advised to take the necessary steps to ensure that, where the applicable conformity assessment procedures require the intervention of a Notified Body, they will hold certificates issued by an EU-27 Notified Body. In terms of tariffs and duties - If the UK leaves the EU in 2019 without an agreement, UK exports to EU member states will automatically defer to WTO trade rules and the UK will be subject to the ‘applied rate’ levied by the EU on external trading partners.

This latest guidance from ICOMIA on Brexit, is available for free to British Marine members. This document should be read in conjunction with the Notice to Stakeholders in the Recreational Craft Industry produced by the EU Commission.

British Marine members seeking advice can contact the Technical team on