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Brexit Update: Make sure you are ready!

Published on: 10 October 2019


Earlier this week, the UK Government published its ‘No deal’ readiness report, intended to update Parliament, Business and the public on what will change if the UK leaves without a deal.

It covers legislation, regulation and systems, the steps that the Government has taken and will continue to take and the actions that businesses and citizens need to take to prepare.

The 155 page report covers a variety of information including:

Borders: Information and advice for traders and the wider border industry about the relevant action they will need to take
Citizens: It sets out the actions they will need to take to prepare for the UK’s exit from the EU and the mitigations the Government has put in place or is pursuing to make sure that citizens’ rights are protected. This chapter also addresses the changes that will affect UK nationals who wish to travel to the EU and EU citizens who wish to travel to the UK if we leave without a deal
Data Protection: Sets out actions needed to be taken by organisations in the EU and the UK in order to enable the continued flow of personal data from the European Economic Area (EEA) to the UK
Services: Highlights the actions businesses should take to prepare for the UK leaving without a deal. These include checking regulations in the EU/EEA states in which they operate and familiarising themselves with the immigration rules of relevant countries
Industry: Details the changes in regulations that will apply to industries if we leave without a deal. It sets out the actions the Government has taken to support industry. It also sets out the actions which businesses should take to prepare for ‘no-deal’, such as considering whether they need new product approvals and what manufactured goods they use as inputs as well as final products

British Marine members can gain access to a Summary Report of the full paper here.

Brexit Business Readiness Events

As part of its new ‘Get ready for Brexit’ campaign, the Government is running a series of free business readiness events across the UK.

These free events will offer businesses help and advice on how to prepare for Brexit, enabling them to meet with government advisors to discuss what they need to do, understand what’s changing in their industry and get information on specific rules and regulations. Each event will feature interactive support and advice stands and in-depth sessions led by subject matter experts. They will encourage businesses to use the new checker tool to quickly identify what they need to do to ‘Get ready for Brexit’.

More than 800 businesses have already attended and last week 85% of attendees left feeling better prepared for Brexit. The next locations are:

  • Carlisle – Friday 11 October
  • Cardiff – Monday 14 October
  • Liverpool – Monday 14 October
  • Bristol - Tuesday 15 October
  • Wrexham – Tuesday 15 October

British Marine members can subscribe here to the Government’s Brexit business readiness bulletin and visit for industry specific guidance or contact Brian Clark on 

British Marine is a member of the CBI, as a benefit, British Marine members can also visit the CBI hub packed with extra resources to plan for a ‘no deal’ Brexit.