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Flagship Digital Week - Software tools for marine businesses

Published on: 04 August 2020

British Marine member, Ben Taylor, is looking to deliver a series of four online digital sessions where you can learn about the software tools that are allowing marine businesses to automate and improve their business processes including; Marketing Automation, Payment Solutions, Ecommerce Personalisation and LinkedIn social media presence.

Each session will be three hours long and be delivered by Ben in partnership with subject matter experts.

Benefits of attending:

  • Learn how you can prospect for new business without boat shows and physical presence
  • Learn which tools can automate marketing processes
  • Hone your business processes with digital tools
  • Improve your customer’s digital journey and how they interact with your business through your website
  • Learn how your ecommerce website could increase revenues using AI technology

What will you learn about?

  • Marketing tools to automate processes
  • Refining the payment journey for your business and your customers
  • How to leverage the LinkedIn platform to achieve success
  • Ecommerce personalisation technology

Ben is a guide for marine businesses looking to leverage software tools and implement digital systems in their business. He is the Director of Flagship Digital which has an international network of specialist partners in the marine industry ranging from leisure marine to superyacht sectors.

If this is something you would be interested in and would like to know some more about, please let us know by emailing

British Marine member, Ben Taylor