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British Marine launches an ambitious vision for the industry

Published on: 04 February 2020

national agenda

Following the announcement of its first ever National Agenda, British Marine has today (4 February 2020) launched an ambitious plan to drive its vision of a thriving industry delivering amazing on water experience for everyone.

Unveiled at the British Marine Spring Expo 2020, the exciting plan brings greater clarity and focus to British Marine’s efforts, easily demonstrating to all its members the one-of-a-kind services it offers and how these are harmonised to their activities.

Emphasising on the necessity for a National Agenda, Lesley Robinson, British Marine CEO, commented: “The marine industry in 2020 is facing great changes which require decisive responses. Shifting consumer habits and values, technological advancements and environmental pressures are combining to completely reshape the market as we have experienced it in past decades.

“Disrupted times offer great opportunity, provided you are prepared and bold enough to drive the agenda. That is why we have embraced an ambitious and exciting vision and delivered a bold National Agenda which we see as our pole star for a bright future. It’s a clear declaration of British Marine’s determination to play a significant and measurable role in supporting our members.”

Focusing on each distinct pillar of the National Agenda – Participation, People & Skills, Environment, Technology & Innovation and Representation, the assertive plan presents a deliverable set of key priorities which are being executed instantaneously. It has been crafted by British Marine’s executive team working in close collaboration with elected member representatives.

The exciting priorities outlined in the Agenda include:

  • Powerful insights on how companies can adapt their products and services to changing consumer demands  
  • New paths for companies to attract and retain the right people with the right skills sets, as well as enhancing diversity within the workforce
  • Promoting the sustainable operation and development of the marine industry, assisting members as well as their customers with minimising impacts on the environment
  • Enabling greater technological understanding and collaboration, working with members to innovate and use new technology to grow their market
  • Promoting the UK marine industry with external stakeholders to enhance and protect members’ domestic and international profiles, prospects and interests

Annually, the National Agenda will be measured, reported and updated to ensure that the Association’s expert skills and leading resources are directed towards areas of the most value for its members. This is fundamental to the Association’s progressive ‘member first’ mission to deliver outstanding services, representation and products to promote the sustainable success of its members. It guarantees that members are continually placed front and centre of all British Marine’s activities with service that is personalised to needs, easily accessible and always available.

To download a full copy of the British Marine National Agenda visit: