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Have Your Say - Complete the British Marine survey on proposed changes to red diesel entitlement

Published on: 29 July 2020

British Marine is now inviting your feedback on HMRC’s proposals to remove the red diesel entitlement for use in private pleasure craft. 

The consultation “Reforms to the tax treatment of red diesel and other rebated fuels” confirms HMRC’s intention to remove the entitlement for users of private pleasure craft to use red diesel for the purposes of propulsion. 

The measure is set to come into force from April 2022. It will not change the entitlement to use red diesel for the purposes of non-propulsion. 

British Marine has included questions from HMRC’s consultation in its own survey and welcomes input from members. Your feedback is essential and will help us communicate the impact of the changes on the leisure marine industry and inform our own position. 

Our survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. Please click here to take the survey. The closing date for responses to the British Marine survey is 17:00 on Friday 18 September. 

We particularly welcome your comments on the impact the changes will have on the practicalities of supply, administration and cash flow as well as other cost implications – including the new payable rate of VAT. 

We would also encourage our members to visit the red diesel page on the British Marine website for the latest updates.