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Urgent support requested for waterway businesses following Covid-19 impact

Published on: 26 March 2020

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British Marine, alongside the Canal and River Trust and the Broads Authority, has this week sent a joint letter to the Secretary of State, DEFRA, requesting urgent support for waterway businesses. 


Acting on behalf of members, British Marine is acutely aware of the significant challenges faced by the marine industry in the midst of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Recognising that the current measures introduced by the Government in response to the crisis do not address the unique and specific needs of waterway businesses, the joint letter urges the Government to act now with the introduction of grants to cover all boat licence and mooring fees for 1 year from 1 April 2020. Indeed, these costs are often much more significant to a waterway business as opposed to rent and rates (for which the Government are providing support).


British Marine, the CRT and the Broads Authority collaborated to ensure action on behalf of our waterway-based members and will continue to lobby for this concession – and others. British Marine will continue to actively support and represent all members throughout the challenges that this virus presents in the coming weeks, months and beyond, and will take every possible step to find workable solutions to secure the future of our industry.


The full letter sent to the Secretary of State, DEFRA, can be found here


A dedicated Coronavirus microsite has been set up on the British Marine website with the latest guidance and advice and support for members. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any further questions.