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British Marine outlines phased approach and support for industry restart

Published on: 07 May 2020

support for industry restart

During the British Marine COVID-19: Back to Business webinar last Friday, the Phase 1 - Back to Business guide was introduced. This document is available to all members and covers the key operational and financial considerations that businesses need to be prioritising now. 

If you missed the webinar, listen again now or download the Phase 1 Back to Business document. 

Work on Phase 2 is now underway. In the next week 7 working groups, that cover all the different sectors and types of work that British Marine supports, will be meeting virtually. They will be forming specific guidance documents broken down by discipline with targeted relevant information.

The aim of Phase 2 is for members to identify which documents are relevant to them and use the guides as a reference for their own restart. 

The purpose of each working group is as follows:

  1. To understand supply chain issues specific to each sector and to produce a report on the status of the supply chain and what can be done to improve the supply chain (includes getting parts/stock, PPE and distribution)
  2. To give businesses high level guidance on how to communicate with employees, gain employees confidence and give support to employees during the restart and continue to support those that can’t restart
  3. To give guidance on understanding government advice and frameworks and to form a unified interpretation of the guidance
  4. To produce high level protocols for the workplaces the sector has, aligned with the governments protocols that each individual business can adapt to create their own restart framework
  5. To assess what additional assistance members will need to help meet the requirements as set out 
  6. To look at what additional lobbying each sector will need and feed this back through to British Marine, Ministers and the CBI

British Marine will keep all members informed of the publication of Phase 2. 

For members wishing to stay up-to-date with the latest developments on COVID-19, please visit our dedicated Coronavirus Hub.