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Another great day at the British Marine Digital Autumn Expo! Join the last day tomorrow.

Published on: 11 November 2020

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Another great day at the British Marine Digital Autumn Expo! Join the last day tomorrow.

Another great day at the British Marine Digital Autumn Expo!

Join the last day tomorrow.


The second day of the British Marine Digital Autumn Expo saw 124 participants join in. It included another well-attended morning networking session and a fantastic workshop on how to secure free financial business support.


The insurance webinar on managing claims and limiting losses was a thought-provoking session, which focused on who is responsible when a claim is made, what to do in the event of financial difficulties and who is liable if something goes wrong.


With special guest speakers Richard Parry and Gareth Stephens from the Canal & River Trust, this afternoon’s session on inland waterways was a great success, welcoming the day’s largest webinar audience.


What did participants think of today’s sessions?


During the months of lockdown and having attended many industry events from different organisations and companies, the British Marine Digital Expo networking session is the first proper networking session that has allowed us to mix and mingle with fellow participants. Too often, we have been on ‘receive only’ and not been able to meet directly with our fellow participants as one would at any normal conference. This is a tremendous step forward and should be expanded on further by using the time between presentations as open or managed networking.

Charles Hansard – Micfil Ultra Fine Filters (UK)


I think the Expo is a marvellous idea by British Marine, well done for organising. Today’s session to do with Financial Business Support was good. Jayne Sime of the Solent LEP was very useful with simple information geared towards small businesses like us.

Ally Bland, Director, Tecsew Group


Today’s Insurance session was thought provoking and gave a great insight to what could happen if something goes wrong, particularly if subcontractors and boat owners have access to the boat at the same time. My advice would be for all marina managers, boat hire operators and company owners to re-watch this webinar when it becomes available online.

Paula Syred, Fox Narrowboats


The third and final day of the Digital Autumn Expo sees the day begin with the highly anticipated Motorsport to Marine session with the Motorsport Industry Association. Join here.


Attendees will hear from 8 motorsport and high-performance engineering companies, which are looking to support and collaborate with British Marine members in the areas of fire protection systems, battery management systems, modular battery installations and electric motors and control units.


Motorsport companies in attendance are AVL Racing, Bcomp, GRM Consulting, Hypermotive, Lifeline Fire & Safety Systems, Staubli UK, Swindon Powertrain and Williams Advanced Engineering.

The full day’s Agenda and session registration can be found here.