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Cyclops Marine targets superyacht market with new technology

Published on: 08 October 2020

British Marine member Cyclops Marine has announced the newest addition to their smartlink range - designed specifically for use on larger boats and superyachts - the 20T. 

The 20T is a wireless load sensor that measures loads on critical high-performance rigs. As the big brother of the Cyclops Marine smartlink range, it is still compact in design, its titanium frame measuring just 107 x 88mm, and weighing just 789g. Yet, as its name suggests, the new 20T packs a considerable punch by remaining accurate under loads of up to 20T, and has aperture crafted and aligned specifically for the rigging of superyachts.

This technology gives sailors the ability to measure the load on anything from the mainsheet, to code sail tack lines, to backstays and runners, potentially applicable to any soft line under significant load. Accurate second-by-second load measurements are sent wirelessly to the Cyclops app or on-board instruments and can then be logged in conjunction with GPS data for reliable, repeatable settings.

The 20T smarttune is available through a global distribution network. For more information visit their website, or email


	20T smartlink from Cyclops Marine