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Support young people with experiences of your workplace

Published on: 22 April 2021

Support young people with experiences of your workplace

The pandemic has caused everyone to rethink what the future of work might be. It is more important than ever for young people to have a better idea of what their future may look like and they need your help.


The Careers & Enterprise Company in partnership with Engineering UK, have put together a step by step guide to support employers who are interested in providing a young person with an experience of their workplace.


If you have thought about hosting work experience placements before but are unsure where to start, want to know how to deliver an experience virtually, or would like to improve your existing programme, this new guide will help. These high-quality resources take you through the entire process of planning, preparation, delivery and evaluation, whilst providing you with practical resources to download and a wealth of experience from other employers, large and small. 

Providing experience of the workplace benefits your organisation as well as young people. It offers new perspectives, develops your current workforce and creates a candidate pipeline for the future. You can also ensure young people gain invaluable experience of the world of work to prepare them for their future career, and help bridge the gap between education and employment to prepare young people for the future.

You might also be interested in watching a webinar they ran on 25 March for employers on virtual Experiences of the Workplace.


If you have feedback on the site, or know of any resources you think would be good to include, or have any questions, please contact The Careers & Enterprise Company by emailing 

Blue Davies, Head of Training at British Marine, comments: “With so many young people missing out on work experiences due to COVID 19, a simple work experience opportunity can make a lot of difference in helping young people be ready for a new job and finding themselves a career in the marine sector”.