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CBI November Economic Brief

Published on: 08 December 2021

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Your November guide to the UK economy.

British Marine members can now access the latest November economic brief from the CBI here.

In this edition -

“It never rains, but it pours…”

After all the UK has been through over the past 18 months, we hoped that we could confidently say the worst is behind us; but with supply chain frictions, labour shortages continuing over the past month and consumer confidence increasing concern - are we in for a rough few months?

“A puzzle in the labour market”

In the UK, Europe and the US, inactivity is substantially higher than pre-COVID-19 and labour shortages are biting. With vacancies hitting new records - is there a mismatch between skills and physical location of people relative to the jobs available?

“Bank of England stands ready”

Amidst the escalating risks to the recovery, the Bank of England has shown a marked change of tone in recent weeks. Increasing concern of the persistence and strength of cost growth, and the extent to which inflationary pressures may become more embedded. Is growth easing, and monetary policy set to tighten?


Key statistics including;

  • Employment rate
  • Unemployment
  • Productivity growth
  • Real wage growth
  • CBI growth indicator
  • Overviews for industries in the past three months, and the next three months

Sector Spotlight

Consumer, business & professional services; including key sector statistics such as business volumes for the past three months and next three months.


Manufacturing; including statistics such as volume of output, total order, numbers employed and domestic prices.

Retail, wholesale and motor trades; including reported sales for the year and expected sales.

British Marine members can access the brief in full here.