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Latest Brexit updates from the UK Government

Published on: 27 January 2021

Latest Brexit updates from the UK Government

British Marine is sharing the latest updates on the actions businesses and individuals need to take now the transition period with the EU has come to an end. 

New sector-specific guidance: 

  1. Precursor chemicals wallchart for domestic licensing: Guidance has been issued detailing the licensing requirements.   
  2. Guidance on mutual recognition procedures: Guidance has been updated to clarify that UK national marketing authorisations can be submitted irrespective of applications for the same product in the EU.
  3. Northern Ireland waiver for duty: Further guidance has now been published which sets out what actions you should take if the goods you bring to Northern Ireland from Great Britain exceed the allowance. 

Intellectual property:

  • Changes to international trademarks registrations: Guidance has been updated for comparable UK trademarks.

Business support helpline:

British Marine members can gain further support on the new rules for businesses trading with the EU by contacting the appropriate helpline:

  • Businesses in England:                    Call 0800 998 1098
  • Businesses in Scotland:                   Call 0300 303 0660
  • Businesses in Wales:                       Call 0300 060 3000
  • Businesses in Northern Ireland:       Call 0800 181 4422

Our members can keep up to date with the changes by registering for webinars from the UK Government and British Marine. More information on the webinars available can be found on our Brexit microsite. 

For further information on this article and the guidance, please visit our Brexit microsite. Members can also email Brexit related enquiries to