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Government support and guidance for the changing COVID-19 requirements

Published on: 29 July 2021

Two businessmen working in a meting

The government has released a number of supporting items to help businesses stay coronavirus (COVID-19) safe as restrictions are lifted.

Now that the government has lifted all restrictions under step 4 of the roadmap, businesses are being reminded to remove any outdated COVID-secure posters they may still have on display.

Updated workplace posters are available on the COVID-19 Resource Centre to remind businesses and customers about the new workplace guidance and the behaviours that people should still adopt.

Businesses can continue to display QR (quick response) code posters so that customers can continue to check-in to support the NHS Test and Trace programme.

To assist businesses as they prepare for employees to return to workplaces, the Department for Transport has issued updated guidance for passengers in England on how people can travel safely.

Travellers are advised to plan ahead, regularly sanitise their hands and open a window, where possible. Some operators require passengers to wear a face covering, and it’s recommended that all passengers do so if they can.  

There is a range of assets that businesses can download and use in employee-facing communications, including intranets, staff bulletins or meetings.