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Heat stress at work – HSE Guidance

Published on: 22 July 2021

Heat stress at work, HSE guidance for working in the heat

This week with temperatures increasing across the UK, British Marine would like to remind members that it is essential for employers to ensure that working conditions are managed safely. Heat related stress and illness can be serious and lead to accidents and injuries, particularly where manufacturing and the use of tools and machinery is prevalent.

All employers must ensure that precautions such as monitoring temperatures, ensuring all staff are well hydrated and appropriately dressed. Other measures include:

  • Having more frequent or extended breaks
  • Ventilating buildings
  • Closely monitoring activities in confined spaces, welding and electrical work

The link below has all the required information and advice from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) containing specific advice and FAQs on heat stress and dehydration when working at very high temperatures which will be relevant to all employers.

Review HSE’s heatwave guidance for employers and advice on high temperatures in the workplace