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Prime Minister announces the end of most COVID-19 restrictions

Published on: 07 July 2021

People happy and socialising on a boat

Earlier this week Prime Minister (PM) Boris Johnson announced that most COVID-19 restrictions in England will be lifted. He said the country would change its approach later this month (19 July) and we must learn to live with the virus. 

Whilst a formal announcement would be made on 12 July, he said that face masks will no longer be legally required and social distancing rules will be scrapped. 

He also said that restrictions on the numbers that can meet indoors and outside would be scrapped. This includes the rules of six inside private homes. In addition, the restrictions on the number of people who can attend weddings and funerals will be removed which will impact passenger boat operators. Large-scale events will not require certification and table service at bars and restaurants will not be mandatory.

The chief scientific adviser said that it was only possible to lift these restrictions because we have a vaccine programme that is proving successful and is helping to weaken the link between infections and the number of hospitalisations. 

Following the PM’s announcement, the below advice has been published setting out the reviews which have taken place and further guidance on how to stay safe:

British Marine members can read the announcement in full here.