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UK Government reinstates COVID quarantine exemptions for international business executives

Published on: 01 July 2021

UK travel covid19 June- July 2021

The UK Government has reinstated the quarantine exemptions for international business executives travelling to the UK.

The exemption covers 2 types of senior executives (where they are undertaking qualifying activities in England). These are:

Multinational executives – executives based overseas who are part of multinational firms and visiting their UK based subsidiaries or branches

International executives – executives of overseas companies normally based overseas who are seeking to undertake exempt activity in England related to either:

  • making a financial investment in the UK based business
  • establishing a new business within the UK

Government guidance on “Working in England if you are a senior executive bringing significant economic benefit to the UK” can be read here.

The link to the updated list of exempt jobs (bookmarked to the business executive exemption) can be found here.