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Safety – Working at height webinar

Published on: 10 March 2021

Safety – Working at height webinar

The Prefabricated Access Suppliers' and Manufacturers' Association (PASMA) is holding a free webinar on Thursday 11 March for anyone who manages or supervises work at height on scaffolds or raised work areas in the UK.
Ray Cooke from the No Falls Foundation will join Chris Smith (PASMA) for a discussion about a manager's responsibilities under the Work at Height Regulations and the crucial role they play in preventing falls from height.

The Ladder Association who will be working with British Marine on the Safety Code of Practice for marinas and boatyards recommend this webinar for all those in our industry who are engaged in or manage working at height.
The session will cover the key points to look for from the ground – before, during and after work on towers begins.

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