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Border Force provides new electronic form for pleasure craft arriving and departing from the UK

Published on: 25 November 2021


The UK Border Force has updated the way in which pleasure craft arriving and departing from the UK must notify officials of their travel arrangements. The update now means that persons arriving or departing can notify Border Force electronically, instead of having to post a hard copy of the completed form.  

The updated e-C1331 is an excel template that will allow data to be submitted electronically via email to the National Yachtline and the relevant regional Border Force command. Users of the e-C1331 can use the links and the guidance within the template to complete and submit the excel form online.  

Our members should note that the previous PDF version can still be downloaded and posted if required. The preference, where possible, is for the new e-C1331 template to be used for reporting pleasure craft details to HMRC and Border Force.

Further information on the changes to reporting requirements can be found here.

The new e-C1331 can be accessed and completed here.