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ICOMIA’s involvement in an innovation workshop on sustainable boat building

Published on: 11 November 2021

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In 2021, The Ocean Race commissioned a research and engagement project to survey industry representatives, review existing industry research and published action plans, and develop a roadmap to highlight key actions where immediate action is required. To co-create this roadmap an Innovation Workshop was held in September 2021 to gather industry experts and stakeholders to define immediate actions.

ICOMIA has been involved with an innovation workshop on sustainable boat building, hosted by The Ocean Race in September 2021, the report, Roadmap to 2030, is now available to view here.

The page also has additional links to the following:

  • The actual spreadsheet of the draft roadmap (helping industry align with global 2030 requirements to cut GHG emissions by 50 percent) to be considered as a ‘living’ document
  • A research report of a recent survey and engagement with industry
  • A previous report from 2019 from an Innovation Workshop held in Genoa, Italy
  • A roadmap by The Carbon Trust in the UK for the decarbonisation of the EU marine craft sector
  • An Impact Reducing Actions document identifying many actions that the industry is already taking

With competitive sailing following a high performance, high speed, ‘win at any cost model’ for years, this comes with an environmental cost due to the energy and waste intensive nature of the boat build process. Transitioning the industry to a more sustainable model is complex.