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Have your say: Complete the UK government’s survey on businesses’ use of EU inputs

Published on: 07 April 2022

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The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has opened a survey on UK businesses’ use of EU inputs. 

The survey is designed to help the department gain a greater understanding of the importance of inputs from the EU and the ability to meet Rules of Origin requirements.

The UK government is launching this survey because it will shortly start negotiations on a new set of free trade agreements (FTA) with a number of trade partners, including but not limited to Canada and Mexico. Its engagement with the industrial goods sectors consistently shows that a large number of UK companies use EU inputs in production, which is why the department is now looking to gather further information on the supply chains and production patterns ahead of these negotiations. 

Your insights will help to inform the UK government's efforts to ensure future Free Trade Agreements work for businesses trading internationally.


Have your say by completing the survey.

The deadline for responding is 14 April 2022. 

Members can complete the survey by following this link