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BEIS releases five guidance documents on the UKCA mark for the Goods Regulatory Regime in preparation for 1 January 2023

Published on: 20 January 2022

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The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has released a number of guidance documents to help raise awareness about the support and guidance which is available for the up and coming changes the UK will be facing on 1 January 2023 for the UKCA mark. These guidance documents have been created to make sure businesses make the necessary changes before the UK’s new product certification system comes into place.

BEIS has produced five documents and one video for businesses to look over, especially businesses from outside the UK. The documents that have been created are:

  • Step by Step Guide: UKCA mark 
  • New Product Marking & Conformity Assessment
  • Step by Step Guide: UKNI 
  • Using the UKCA marking
  • Using the UKNI marking 

British Marine suggests that you download the guidance documents that BEIS created to help raise awareness for international manufacturers to make the transition to the new UK regime as smooth as possible. We ask that you send these documents to your overseas businesses so that they can look over the documents and make sure that they are all on track and doing everything to prepare for 1 January 2023. 

British Marine members can download the links for the above guidance documents from our website here.