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Henri-Lloyd proudly partners with the Green Blue Business Directory

Published on: 06 January 2022

Henri Lloyd

Henri-Lloyd has been recognised as a responsible clothing retailer and can now be found on the Green Blue’s business directory. The official place to find Green Blue certified products and services.

Passionate about producing high-quality, sustainable products, Henri-Lloyd creates stylish pieces made to last and believes in multi-functional clothing which can be used for various outdoor activities.

For newer pieces, Henri-Lloyd sources recycled, recyclable, organic and biodegradable fabrics that meet its quality standards. The new ‘direct to consumer’ business model allows the brand to make better choices for the environment where it has the flexibility to select fabrics and factories that allows the business to deliver on its sustainability goals.

Production aims 

A major step in Henri-Lloyd's drive for sustainability has been to produce the majority of its products in Europe, reducing the levels of shipping and overproduction significantly.  

With production being moved to Europe, Henri Lloyd’s products are produced in high-quality environments where items are made in smaller quantities to avoid overproduction. It no longer produces seasonal collections which encourage waste, the majority of the range is ‘evergreen products’ which means that they won’t be placed into a seasonal sale, simply to make way for new stock. 

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