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MCA consultation for the inclusion of new guidance for meeting the needs of persons with reduced mobility on small passenger vessels

Published on: 06 January 2022

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On 5 January 2022 the Maritime and Coastguard Agency published a consultation on an amendment to update MGN 306(M) Designing and Operating Smaller Passenger Vessels: Meeting the needs of persons with reduced mobility. The reason for looking to publish an amended version of the MGN is to update it in certain areas due to changes in legislation (as bits are now outdated), documentation, practice and also obtain the views of interested parties.

The MCA is also looking to update contact details for organisations which can further advise on the subject matter of the MGN.

The MCA would like to hear from you on any comments that you may have about the proposed MGN. They are particularly interested in hearing about your comments on the following aspects of the draft MGN:

  • Any content which you believe to be inaccurate:
  • Any typographic errors;
  • Any non-statutory advice with which you disagree;
  • Any content you believe is unclear;
  • Any content you think is inappropriate to include, and should therefore be omitted;
  • Any content which has been omitted which you believe should be included.

The MCA has included two Annex’s with the consultation letter and the draft MGN 306(M) Amendment 1, looking for your answers on the subject matter of the consultation (Annex A) and the MCA consultation feedback form, for comments on the way in which the consultation was conducted (Annex B).

To submit your comments for Annex A, the MCA requests that you complete the form and either scan or photograph a clearly readable copy to be emailed to If you do not have access to email, then they ask you to phone the MCA’s Passenger Vessel Team on 020 381 72379 or 72392. The consultation will close on 5 February 2022 and a summary will be posted on the GOV.UK page (Policy papers and consultations) within three months of completion of the consultation.


If you wish to submit any comments on Annex B, they can be forwarded electronically to This is separate to subject matter and is not able to make changes to the draft document.

British Marine suggests that you take the time to look over the changes that have been made for meeting the needs of persons with disabilities and how you can implement these changes. Any responses you wish to make need to be submitted by the 5 February 2022 using the emails and supplied forms/questionnaire above, as this is when the consultation closes.

You can access the consultation letter here and the draft MGN Amendment 1 here.

To access the questionnaire and feedback form, this can be found here on the government website.