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Wellness Over Waves unique project vessel to return home

Published on: 06 January 2022

Wellness Dunkirk Ship

The only surviving Operation Dynamo sailing yacht built in the boatyard of David Hillyard of Littlehampton is to return to its home port as the principle project vessel for the British Marine member Wellness Over Waves foundation’s work in the UK.

Michael Duddridge has been the owner of the Dunkirk Little Ship called Windsong for three decades and has thoroughly enjoyed sailing her from his home in Cyprus.

He has agreed to make the sailing yacht available to Wellness Over Waves (WOW), a charitable marine foundation with operations in the UK and throughout the EU, with the understanding she will be sailed home to Littlehampton.

Michael said: “Advancing years have now dictated that I am no longer able to sail Windsong myself and I have decided to make her available to a recently-formed organisation that has been set up to provide sail training for disadvantaged young people.

“This non-profit making charity will operate sail rigged vessels in British waters as well as the Mediterranean and they are anxious to base Windsong in Littlehampton, where she was built 90 years ago in the yard of David Hillyard Ltd. There she would be installed as the flagship of their fleet.

An appeal has been launched in Europe and the UK to raise the money needed and it is hoped people in Littlehampton will support the project to bring Windsong home. Founder Fiona Nicholas said: “It is a monumental step in both the life of Windsong and that of those who will benefit from her use within the foundation. The plan for Windsong is that she is the UK flagship of our little fleet in Wellness Over Waves.

The foundation is dedicated to the wellbeing of individuals, to help them achieve levels of discipline to grow in confidence and self-worth.

It seeks to help individuals transition from orphanages or young offender institutions into the community, young adults with special needs who would benefit from experiential therapy, victims of domestic violence who need to regain their belief in themselves, and offenders or addicts in recovery who are in search of a different quality of life and possibly a new vocation.