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The Small Commercial Marine Market in the UK 2018

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The UK’s Small Commercial Marine market is composed of all companies involved in the operating or manufacturing of small commercial boats under 24m (hull length), and the supply chain that supports their use, production and maintenance. This sector provides vessels and support services to some of the most dynamic marine markets, from military patrol and assault craft and the lifeboats of the RNLI to crew transfer vessels supporting the offshore energy industry.

This report from British Marine aims to help outline the size, structure and dynamics of this varied marketplace and details a wide range of economic indicators for the UK‘s small commercial marine sector, including data on:

  • the overall size and structure of the sector
  • the long-term business outlook for small commercial marine businesses
  • revenue and profit trends
  • the sector’s economic contribution to the UK economy
  • the sector’s workforce growth patterns
  • long-term trends in business investments
  • key barriers to sector growth, from workforce skills to regulatory hurdles
  • as well as insight into the key trends that will shape the future of this market

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