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The Economic Benefits of UK Boating Tourism, 2017-18 - Executive Summary

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In 2014 British Marine published its first report presenting the economic value of the UK’s boating tourism sector, with a view to evaluating the sector’s recovery from the recession and to represent the diverse and significant economic contribution of boating tourism-related business to the UK economy. Five years on, in light of the sector’s recovery from the recession and the uncertainty and opportunity created by Brexit, British Marine has updated this study.

The UK’s boating tourism market is composed of all companies involved in the operation and support of boating-related tourist services, including hire, charter and watersports training and rental businesses (including peer-to-peer operators providing shared boat ownership), passenger boat operators, and marinas and moorings providers.* It also includes the wider spending of boating and watersports participants on tourism services when engaged in boating or watersports activities. In total, this latest study indicates that the boating tourism sector supports more than 150,000 employees and generates approximately £6.0 billion in Gross Value Added (GVA) through both direct and indirect (supply chain) spending.

This study aims to help outline the size, structure and dynamics of this varied economy and details a wide range of economic indicators for the sector. These findings are published to enhance knowledge of the sector, highlight its importance to the UK economy, and provide key market data for businesses operating in, or looking to operate in, this sector. It is only possible to complete this research reliably through the time dedicated by British Marine members in engaging with British Marine’s market research team, for which thanks is extended. All data is held in complete confidence.

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