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Superyacht UK represents the interests of the UK Superyacht industry both at home and internationally. With 250 plus members which cover the diversity of the UK industry from leading naval architects to award-winning manufacturers, The technical department supports Superyacht UK through the organisation of the SYUK technical Subgroup. A forum in which both Flag states and Classification Societies are representated and where members are updated to emerging national and international legislation and how it will be implemented.

The Superyacht industry certification and standards is a web of different levels of requirements that can depend on many different factors such as size of vessel, if the vessel is in commercial use, the number of passengers/crew, where the vessel is operating etc but the SY certification and rules and standards can generally be broken down into the following areas:

IMO (International Maritime Organisation) – The IMO is responsible for the very top of the regulatory pile setting the international regulations for ships and shipping these include:

International Tonnage Convention 69 (ITC 69)

Load Lines (ILLC'66)

International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, 1978 (STCW) 

International Safety Management Code

The International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code)

International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL)

International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), 1974

British Marine through thier membership of ICOMIA have a consultative and observers position at the IMO. Through this we have successfully lobbied the IMO (such as for the extension of time to implementation of Tier III emission standards for sub 500GT vessels) and report back on all current IMO meetings. British Marine publish all these meeting reports on their website in the members only area.

Flag and Classification Rules – Superyachts need to be registered with a flag state who are responsible for ensuring that the vessel meets the IMO criteria and the flag states rules. British Marine work closely with the REG and the work they perform which includes the recent rewrite of the LY3 and PYC into a single large yacht code. British Marine are proud to have CISR as a partner and participant in the SYUK technical subcommittee.  A lot of the certification from flag states is then delegated to classification societies (particularly for build standards such as structure etc), British Marine has contacts with many of these classification societies and works in close conjunction and again have participants from both LR and RINa on the technical subcommittee. Through these close contacts BM are able to advise its members on current and upcoming issues and solutions in the Industry.

ISO standards for large yachts – The ISO standards are standards created by industry for industry. In general, for the large yacht ISO standards these are created to fill perceived gaps in construction either where Flag and Class have little interest in as they are not safety critical areas or where industry feels there is a need for a more international continuity. The BM technical team sit on the ISO working groups through BSi and have the position of convenor for one of the ISO working groups. Throughout the development of the standards the BM technical team consult with industry on the work. A full list of published standards and standards in development can be found in the members area of the BM website.

EU regulations - on top of all of the above the BM technical department keep an eye on all EU rules and regulations (such as the EU ship recycling program) that may affect the industry.

For further information on the above and to download the codes and reports please visit the BM members only page, 

SYUK London Boat Show Technical Seminar – The BM technical department and the SYUK technical subcommittee are also responsible for producing the annual SYUK technical seminar.

The seminar takes place on the Thursday during London Boat Show and enables delegates to attend the seminar and then enjoy the late closing at the show.  It will cover the most important and current technical issues facing the Superyacht sector.

The program will discuss key issues relating to the Global Superyacht Industry, from the current state of the industry to developments in the applicable regulatory framework.

A networking lunch will be offered to delegates, as well as post-seminar drinks.

Thursday the 11th of January saw the annual Superyacht UK technical Seminar at the London Boatshow which attracted over a 120 attendees. The agenda for the seminar included presentations from Class, Flag and independent experts

Superyacht Legislation

For more information on the rules and regulations applicable to the superyacht industry Join British Marine