Leisure Boating & Watersports - Futures

Leisure Boating & Watersports - FuturesIn response to the concerns of British Marine members, detailed research was undertaken during 2017 to establish the facts behind perceived industry views regarding the future shape of the consumer market. Specifically, leisure boating customer numbers appear to be declining with fewer younger or new customers taking their place. Four specific areas were researched as follows:

  • Social context of future customers
  • Statistics & Trends
  • Emerging themes
  • Benchmarking against other leisure sectors

Leisure Boating & Watersports - FuturesA detailed ‘Futures’ report is now available to British Marine members. This is summarised in the booklet 'Leisure Boating & Watersports - Futures' (download here)  and a number of key recommendations and plans have been agreed that will now be implemented to ensure that suppliers and manufacturers across the leisure boating and Watersports sector can successfully meet future demands and customer needs.

The full futures report is available to British Marine Members can be downloaded here and for more information please contact Lucie Goodwin at lgoodwin@britishmarine.co.uk.

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